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SXRM is not a product, it is a solution, a complete, concise approach to building a unified system that connects all aspects of a dealerships day to day business on one extremely powerful platform.

The automotive SEM industry has become nearly as competitive as the automotive industry itself. As the Internet continues to play a bigger role in dealership marketing more and more SEM and SEO firms are emerging. With so many changes to the SEM landscape occurring on a regular basis and so many marketing firms competing for your business it can be difficult to find a company that offers straightforward and effective services. SXRM has been a leader in the automotive SEM industry for years and has immense experience in both organic and inorganic search optimization. We provide comprehensive marketing that covers every aspect of social media, PPC advertising, microsite campaigns, keyword research and analysis, website development, and content syndication. If you are looking for SEM services from a highly experienced firm that can provide measurable results please contact us directly via email or phone. We would love to show you exactly how we can improve your marketing efforts to increase online traffic, expand your market reach, and drive more sales.